About Us

Engage Health

Engage Health is a leading provider of evidence-based mindfulness and psychological resilience programs for first responders and organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand. As an organisation we are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to improve employee wellness, reduce psychological distress and prevent injuries. We have set ourselves ambitious targets to increase the number of injury-free individuals around the world reporting high levels of adaptive resilience, and of course the workplace is a key setting for this.

Our Clients

Our Clients

Why Engage Us?

All of our programs incorporate attention training and themes from the well-researched MBSR and MBCT (mindfulness-based stress reduction and cognitive therapy) course. This is our point of difference and the unique way we structure our programs.

Over the years we have discovered that the most effective and proactive way to prevent injuries is to train the mind to be present. This exciting and innovative combined approach to both mental health and physical health has proven to be incredibly effective. Unlike traditional manual handling programs which do not always engage the employees and train the mind, our success can be attributed to functional manual handling and mindfulness training which results in changes in adaptive resilience, attitude, engagement, positive emotion and culture.

We know humans take the path of least resistance. When we do the same tasks every day our brain creates neural pathways which enable us to do these tasks effortlessly and ‘mindlessly’ without paying attention. These are known as our habits. Although this can be useful for some tasks in daily life, in the workplace this ‘mindlessness’ can be detrimental. When our mind is not present or we are on ‘auto-pilot’, unsafe behaviours can occur such as accidents, slips, trips, falls and soft tissue injuries. A calm, clear, present mind not only allows for a safe workplace and safe manual practices to be carried out, but also a mentally healthy, resilient workplace.

We understand prevention strategies are required for sustained positive change and resilience. Our work in this neuroplasticity space is exciting and innovative. With significant improvements in wellness, safety, performance, productivity and injury reduction we guarantee a return on your investment (ROI). 

Benefits for your Organisation

      • Fewer injuries, less lost time.
      • Reduced insurance premiums.
      • Reduced unplanned leave.
      • Reduced staff turnover.
      • More positivity in the workplace.
      • Improved psychological safety.
      • Reduced workplace stress and psychological distress.
      • Reduced accumulative trauma and empathetic distress fatigue.
      • Happier, calmer, more mindful and resilient employees.
      • Reduced symptoms of poor physical and mental health.
      • Improved leadership and top-down support.
      • Increased work engagement and team morale.
      • Increased focus, creativity and productivity.


Our Team

We are committed to providing a high level of training and assessment at your workplace. Our programs are offered globally, allowing your employees to come together online at the same time. Our facilitators are highly skilled corporate wellness consultants and injury prevention specialists, with expertise in the OHS, mental health and workplace wellbeing sector. Our team of health professionals includes corporate health consultants, mental health practitioners, psychologists, ESSA accredited exercise physiologists, MTIA certified mindfulness practitioners, meditation teachers, corporate yoga teachers, corporate massage therapists, nutritionists and physiotherapists.

About the Owner

Engage Health was established by Sally Cumming in 2012. Sally is the Director and lead program facilitator of programs throughout Australia and internationally.

Sally is a Certified Mindfulness Practitioner with the (MTIA) Mindfulness Training Institute of Australia. Her background as an AEP, as well as her training in cognitive-behavioural therapy and stress physiology, means she is passionate about mental health and teaching psychological resilience strategies that can be implemented into the workplace to reduce stress and improve mental health.

Sally teaches mindful leadership programs, as well as psychological resilience programs to employees across emergency services, the not-for profit, government, education and corporate sectors. She works as a mindfulness counsellor, providing training to psychologists, social workers, disability staff, specialists, WorkCover clients and individuals experiencing high levels of psychological distress, stress, anxiety, trauma and depression.

During her tertiary studies Sally obtained extensive experience in musculoskeletal, neurological, and chronic disease rehabilitation. She has had extensive experience working with government organisations, Victoria Police and the emergency services, as well as construction,mining, distribution, supply chain and food services. With over 15 years’ experience as a professional educator, facilitator, corporate presenter and health consultant, Sally has facilitated programs on various mental health, wellness and injury prevention topics.

Reviewing the market, she discovered a void in proactive mental health programs that not only reduce workplace stress and injuries but also teach prevention strategies for long-term psychological resilience and sustainability. This, coupled with her experience, training and passion for promoting mental health, led to the creation of Engage Health’s current programs.