Onsite Health & Wellness

At Engage Health we are passionate about promoting the mental and physical health of employees and improving their lives. Our health assessments, wellness seminars, workshops and corporate exercise sessions are specifically tailored to ensure your workers remain disease-free and in optimal physical and mental health throughout their career.

Our facilitators are highly trained in confidential health assessments, education and the delivery of health seminars, presentations and programs at your workplace. It is our objective to improve the health and well-being of every individual and inspire them to improve their longevity.

Our Wellbeing Services

SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS to inspire and educate employees

Our wellness education seminars and workshops are tailored to suit your organisation. You may want to run these as Lunch’n’Learns or incorporate these seminars with health assessments, or some of our other programs to create a holistic well-being package for your workplace. We would be more than happy to draw up a proposal that suits your budget and organisational requirements.

Example topics may include:

  • Longevity – the recipe for a long life.
  • Inner happiness: re-arranging the furniture of your mind for improved positivity and mental health.
  • Eating well – optimal fuel for your mind and body. Current nutritional guidelines.
  • Keeping your metabolism healthy.
  • Healthy snacks (with food samples).
  • Being wise at work – reducing stress (evidence-based tools taken from our evidence-based mindfulness programs)
  • Mindfulness practice – an introduction.
  • Fixed Vs growth mindset.
  • Overcome stress- Learn how to meditate.
  • Office ergonomics- preventing injuries at home and work. Learn how to set up your workstation.
  • Improving your spine health.
  • Beating fatigue- increasing your energy.
  • Prepare for the winter-Improving your immunity
  • Being heartsmart – preventing cardiovascular disease
  • Preventing Type II Diabetes- are you protected?
  • Sentenced to the chair- increasing your activity and boosting your metabolism.
  • Quitting smoking- using mindfulness to improve your chances of staying smoke free.
  • Women’s health (both genders welcome to attend)
  • Men’s health (both genders welcome to attend)
  • Reducing your cancer risk.
  • Hydration.
  • Heat stress.
  • Sleeping well- tips for optimal sleep. Understanding the sleep cycles.

Learn more about our mindfulness and resilience programs here 

ONSITE HEALTH ASSESSMENTS- Protecting the mental & physical health of your employees

(A professional online booking system is now available)

  • Our highly confidential 30 or 60 minute health assessments have been developed to assess both physical and mental health parameters in a safe, friendly and comfortable environment. Not only do we assess an individual’s risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease,  but we also provide individual mindfulness coaching for improved mental health, stress, coping ability, anxiety and sleep hygiene (where appropriate).
  • Each assessment includes:
    • Pre-assessment questionnaire (including family history, lifestyle risk factors, pre-disposed hereditary conditions, personal medical assessment and cardiac risk factors)
    • Health consultation (addressing topics such as stress, sleep, nutrition, activity level, mental health, anxiety, depression markers, coping mechanisms)
    • Resting blood pressure
    • Lipid analysis (including total cholesterol, HDL, total/HDL ratio)
    • Blood glucose (a random sample means employees do not have to fast for the test).
    • Body composition measures (height, weight, waist to hip ratio, body fat %, skinfolds if desired)
    • Hydration status.
    • Metabolic age (a measure of how efficient one’s metabolism is and education on how to improve this).


  • Group fitness challenges conducted by a qualified PT  & exercise physiologist.
  • Nutritional booklet and guidelines.
  • Pre and post assessment of body composition, hydration, metabolic age and resting blood pressure.
  • 4 wk- to 6 month programs depending on size and budget.


  • Sessions are designed to reduce the risk of injury and pain and increase blood flow, psychological resilience and relaxation.
  • Participants learn the most effective stretches and exercises for calming the mind and protecting the body.
  • Conducted by a qualified exercise physiologist and certified mindfulness practitioner.


  • Guided mindfulness meditation sessions in the workplace to reduce stress levels, improve focus and relaxation and productivity.
  • Sessions are usually 45 minutes – 60 minutes and conducted by a certified mindfulness practitioner
  • No experience is necessary.


  • Conducted by a fully qualified therapist these mindful massages will leave your staff feeling refreshed, alert and more productive.
  • Tailored to suit your budget.

Learn more about our mindfulness programs here