What others have had to say
about Engage

“Hallmark Cards contracted Engage Health to improve the education and general workplace fitness of all employees in the distribution area. As a company we had an unwarranted number of Workcover claims and were looking for new ways to help everyone look after themselves better. We now have a much better understanding of potential risks and how to mitigate those risks. I was, prior to the implementation of the Engage Program, its biggest and most vocal critic of what I believed was a waste of time and money. I was very wrong! I am a complete convert to this program and recommend its implementation to any business of any kind. Its value for money is not in question, in fact it has turned out to be one of the wisest employee investments that Hallmark has made in years”.

Mike Wiltshire
Outbound Logistics and Facilities Manager, Hallmark Cards


“To embed our vision of ‘growing people’s potential through healthier lifestyles’ within our organisation, we worked with Sally and Engage Health on a sustainable health and injury prevention program. Throughout this process Sally was active, collaborative and thorough across all functions. Our Engage program leaders continue to drive the programs that have led to a real cultural awakening on health outcomes”.

Matthew Symington
Chief Executive Officer, United Pacific Industries


Comments from Onesteel Reinforcing staff after completing the Engage program


“A very interesting workshop, thank you. We learnt how to keep fit so there are less injuries in the workplace”.

“Thank you very much for this workshop. It is good to learn how to prevent injuries and look after ourselves for the long term”.

“I learnt a lot, thank you and I feel better when we stretch”

“I thought about quitting smoking this week. It seems nice that there was a health person here to help me that cared about my health”.

“It is good that work has organised this for us.”

“I have a lot of pain in my forearms, the stretches we have been doing have helped me feel better”

“The stretches and exercises are good for us. This program is very good. Thankyou you have been very lovely to us”

“It is a hard job, moving all the time, I feel better when I stretch. My back hasn’t been as sore this week”

Onesteel Reinforcing Staff.