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Executive Coaching – A HEAD for Work

Focus. Attention. Connection. At Ease. 

Distraction, Disattention, Disconnection, “Dis-ease”.

Executives are constantly “on”. There is very little escape from the constantly frantic 24/7 world. The result can be burnout – both physically and mentally. Compelling science is now confirming ancient wisdom: mindfulness training enhances mental performance, reduces stress and produces favourable business outcomes, making the ability to develop mindfulness one of the most important skills of the 21st century.

Cultivating Excellence – Wise Leadership

Many leading companies around the world are recognising the benefits of mindful leadership coaching. Modern leadership is about how well we use our minds and the quality of our relationships with others. Rather than simply focusing on business as usual, innovative organisations are turning to mind fitness and inner skills as a way of promoting the capacity to thrive and flourish.

Mindful leaders are authentic and real. They understand how to respond wisely to stress and learn the skills to allow more intelligent and creative choices in challenging situations. Mindful leaders learn the skills necessary to create high quality relationships, rather than a culture of stress.

The Wise Choice

With almost three decades of published research the benefits of mindfulness are well documented. Scientific research has shown that an 8 week mindfulness meditation course can lead to structural brain changes in grey-matter density in the hippocampus, known to be important for learning and memory and in structures associated with self-awareness, compassion and introspection.

Our mindfulness-based stress resilience program ‘Wise’ is an inspiring 8 week program which will help employees improve their self-awareness, self-management and self-regulation. Tailored to the workplace, it has specifically been developed to help participants develop the inner wisdom required for generating mental, physical and psychological resilience and positive change.

The Wise Program improves an individual’s awareness and attention, develops greater focus and emotional intelligence, and improves cognitive function and performance. The mindfulness attitudes and qualities create greater performance, compassion and discernment to help individuals and organisations flourish.

More information about our Mindful Leadership/ Executive Coaching program can be found at www.engagehealth.com.au/wise Alternatively, you can call 0401 358 309 or send us an email. We look forward to connecting with you.

Be Mindful. Be Present. Be Wise.